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Program Focus: Javascript, Python, HTML/CSS


The Batiste Project is seeking passionate and dedicated volunteer coding instructors to join our team and support our mission of providing high-quality coding, cybersecurity, and robotics education to K-12 underserved students in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. As a volunteer coding instructor, you will have the opportunity to inspire and empower students to develop essential technical skills, explore creative problem-solving, and pursue future opportunities in the technology field.


1. Curriculum Delivery:

  • Teach coding concepts to K-12 students using a structured curriculum tailored to their age, skill level, and learning objectives.

  • Plan and facilitate engaging and interactive classroom sessions, workshops, and projects that promote hands-on learning and exploration.

2. Skill Development:

  • Help students develop fundamental coding skills, such as computational thinking, programming languages, algorithms, and problem-solving techniques.

  • Introduce students to cybersecurity principles, including data security, privacy protection, internet safety, and ethical hacking practices.

3. Project-Based Learning:

  • Guide students through coding projects, challenges, and competitions to apply their knowledge, showcase their creativity, and build practical skills.

  • Encourage teamwork, collaboration, and innovation among students as they work together to design, build, and test their own projects.

4. Individualized Support:

  • Provide personalized assistance, feedback, and mentoring to students to help them overcome obstacles, clarify concepts, and achieve their learning goals.

  • Adapt teaching strategies and materials to accommodate diverse learning styles, interests, and abilities within the classroom.

5. Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Assess student progress and performance through regular quizzes, assignments, projects, and assessments aligned with learning objectives and standards.

  • Monitor student engagement, participation, and comprehension to identify areas for improvement and adjust instruction as needed.

6. Classroom Management:

  • Maintain a positive and inclusive learning environment where all students feel welcome, respected, and supported in their learning journey.

  • Enforce classroom rules, policies, and procedures to ensure safety, discipline, and effective learning outcomes for all students.Qualifications:


  • Proficiency in coding languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, Scratch, or similar languages.

  • Experience teaching or tutoring K-12 students in coding or related subjects.

  • Excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills.

  • Patience, empathy, and a genuine passion for empowering underserved youth through education and technology.


  • Make a meaningful impact on the lives of underserved students in the Dallas/Fort Worth area by equipping them with valuable coding and cybersecurity skills.

  • Gain teaching experience, leadership skills, and professional development opportunities.

  • Join a supportive community of educators, volunteers, and advocates dedicated to promoting STEM education and equity in technology.

How to Apply:


At The Batiste Project, we believe that every student deserves access to quality education and opportunities for success in the digital age. Join us in empowering the next generation of tech leaders and making a difference in our community through coding education.

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